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Faith Diane McLean 

Owner  & CEO of Agape Natural Personal Care Concoctions & Wellness Remedies  

"Genuinely 'Acting Out of Love' is not a choice for me,  it is a God-given requirement.

He holds me to a high standard and He expects nothing less."



Faith Diane

I am Faith Diane McLean-Hackney.

 I know what you are going to say “Gotta  Have Faith!”  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say that I would be rich!


I was born and raised in Durham, NC, graduated with a B.S. Degree in Athletic Training and a double minor in Spanish and Business Administration. I thought I was set in God’s plan ready to be the First African-American Female Professional Head Athletic Trainer in the NFL or Olympic Wrestling, but I was wrong. God had different path for my journey. 


Throughout my life I have always had the blessing and challenge of Eczema. Challenges for the obvious reasons: dry skin, skin damage, the itching and scratching, and being treated differently because of the condition of my skin; but blessing because it has made me into the resilient and confident woman I am today. It has also made me the unique formulator that I am today. Today, I stand as a mother of Kingly Blessings, three boys: Evin Maurice Hackney, Eli Eciruam Hackney, Eden Mekhi Hackney; and a "Good Thing", a wife to my husband Maurice Hackney. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, in 2018 at the age of 23 I discovered my gift and founded Agape Natural Personal Care Concoctions & Wellness Remedies.


As a child my Eczema was terrible, it caused me so much physical pain and there was no prescription except steroidal creams that could ease my pain, at least for a little while. So I took matters into my own hands. There I was this little 5 year old girl sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor with the Vaseline (My lifesaver, the only thing that helped me maintain my skin daily), Eucerin Lotion, Palmer’s Coco Butter, and anything else I felt would send my skin into a speedy recovery. I was adding and mixing, mixing and adding, until I came up with a beautiful concoction that would actually help my skin. I always asked myself later in life. How was it that a little girl could create something that actually helped but the very people (doctors) that were supposed to be able to help me, couldn’t? From that moment on I knew something special was to come I just didn’t know that it was God directing my steps to the path of skincare formulation.


It took me what seemed so long to understand why God and I weren’t on one accord with my original path but when I looked a little further, I understood that God gave me two paths, a path of preparation and a path of destination. He was simply preparing me on one path which was a right turn away from the path of my gift. I was simply on the street ahead of my destination.


It is said that we are created by God like a seed, the gift of a seed is the tree or plant it matures to be. The tree or plant lies within the seed when you plant it. It already has its gift. So for humans our gift is already within us and our destiny is soon to come to fruition, we simply have to discover it but we are already have our gifts within us when we are born.  Our gifts are what you already desire in your heart, something that may stir your emotions, and that you seek to find resolution. Your gift is only a discovery away.  Today I stand proud in the discovery of my gift and I fully intend to use my gift to please God and serve His people. I am my gift.

I dedicate my efforts to them,my family but I give Him all the glory, My God...

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