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Act Out Of Love Initiative

"An Act of Love a day helps to keep the sin and evil away. "

-Faith Diane

Act out of Love so effortlessly that it can no longer be considered an "act" but an extension of your character. God is noting every account.

-Faith Diane 

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Agape Natural Personal Care Concoctions & Wellness Remedies presents the Act out of Love Initiative! This is a love offering program based on situational life circumstance and income. We created this program to serve the need of wellness challenges in our community and expanding areas. Agape will help 3  people a year for the entire 12 months of that year by providing a complimentary two ounce Agape Concoction/Remedy each month upon acceptance of application. We understand that their comes a time when everyone just needs a helping hand and an act of love. We will accept applications in 2023. Please submit all documentation by August 01,2023 to Faith Diane via email at If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or call at (919) 323-5699. 









John 15:12|Matthew 5:16|Proverbs 19:17

Acts 20:35| 1 John 3:17| Hebrews 13:16

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