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Agape Embracer Testimonials & Gallery 
God-Given Agape Embracers!
God-Given Testimonials!

"Hello Faith, this is Billie, Olga’s sister. I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the Aloe Vera Oil that Olga gifted me for Christmas.  I have seen a big difference in my skin, face, neck, forearm and feet. My skin is smoother, silky feeling and the appearance of wrinkles has diminished, especially my on my hands.  I have always taken care of my skin, from head to toe, but this oil has really made a difference. 

As you probably know, I am a big Shaklee advocate, user and distributor and I do use the Youth Regimen for my face and I incorporate the Aloe Vera Oil as my final moisturizer at night and during the day if I am not apply makeup.

So CONGRATULATIONS on this Natural Personal Care Concoction and Wellness Remedies that you have created.  I wish you great success on your endeavor. “You can do all things with through Christ who strengths you”, Philippians 4:13."

Billie Arends

"Your cream is amazing... baby got skin burnt and it worked well for him and diaper rashes. I've been using it too, I use to have bad eczema growing up. I told one of my other mommy friends and she is interested!"

I" My hair has grown so much since I started using your hair grease."

"I have Vitiligo and I use your Aloe Vera Oil on my areas where my pigment is lightening and it has started blend my skin back, I have noticed such a difference! In those areas it also gets itchy and the oil relieves the sensation completely. I love this product so much!"

" My husband has Psoriasis he has been using the Castor Jelly and has seen results in a week. Its helping him a lot. My dry patches on my elbows are almost completely gone, Ive been using the Aloe Vera Oil when I get out the shower and my elbows are much better."

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Thank you Agape Embracers for your testimonials and continued support!

" I love the packaging it looks like it was very well thought out and meaningful! 

"My sister read your book and it resonated with her so much that she canceled her appointment to get face fillers and she had already put down a deposit. She said you were right, God did make me perfectly..."

*Note: Any whited out areas are confidential information of our clients and is respected by Agape. Will remain  undisclosed.


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