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The Afterbirth

Placental Conversion Services 


What is placental encapsulation?

Placental Encapsulation is the process of cleansing, steaming, dehydrating, grinding, and placing the ground into a capsule for consumption that has been found to provide a variety of wellness benefits to mothers and their breastfeeding children. 

Why encapsulate your placenta? 

  • Promotes internal Love sensations and external love expressions through the increase of Oxytocin (Love Hormone).

  • Reduces risk of developing  post partum depression. 

  • Reduces the severity of post partum depression. 

  • Establishes and increases breastmilk production. 

  • Increases energy.

  • Hormone stabilization. 

  • Replenishes iron in the body, aiding in positive iron levels.

  • Aids in an expedited post partum healing and recovery. 

  • Aids in natural pain relief.

  • Reduces the risk of infection. 

  • Reduces the risk of prolonged bleeding. 

  • Replenishes vitamin lost from the birthing process.

  • Keep sake of the birthing process by cherishing the umbilical cord and placental print.

How do you Encapsulate your placenta?

It is a process that occurs after labor and delivery is complete and a beautiful babe is born. The birthing individual will go through the After Birth, which is the birthing of the placenta. The babe will be disconnected from the placenta.


The birthing individual or support person will have the medical staff assisting with the delivery, place the placenta in our provided placental storage container immediaately following the  after birth. The container will then be sealed, given back to you,  and you will place the placental storage container in the placental transport container to be chilled on Ice (client must provide ice) until the selected transfer time.'


The placenta will be picked up by an Agape Placental Specialist from birthing individual or support person at their desired location of labor and delivery no longer than 4 hours after birth. Proceed by cleansing, steaming, dehydrating, grinding, and placing the ground into a capsule to be consumed by birthing individual. This process takes 24- 48 hours. 

When you embrace Agape by booking your placental encapsulation with us, we will schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation with us so we are able to truly no who you are and your reasons for requesting our placental encapsulation services. The consultation helps to back the love we craft with when journeying through this sacred process. 

With all that being said, are you ready?

We are. 


Review our entire process from start to finish below. 



Originated with

THe process 





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Utilizing the resources god gives us to benefit our wellness...

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The BEnefits

CRafted  with


Develop your placental package!

Step 1

Encapsulation Package Type


  • 100 % Pure Placental Dust Encapsulation|$200.00

  • 100 % Pure Placental Dust Multiple Birth Encapsulation | Starts at $ 250.00 (twins)

Step 2 

Encapsulation Casing

  • ​Capped- Loose Placental Dust placed in vegan capsules for consumption (Standard Method) . 

  • Uncapped- Loose Placental Dust for consumption or other uses. 


Step 3 

Encapsulation Add-Ons


Encapsulation Add-Ons:

  • Multiple Birth Encapsulation (triplets to decuplets+)| + $ 25.00/placenta 

  • Blends| + $10.00/component 

Placental Tincture Add-Ons:

  • Pure| $30.00

  • Blends| +$10.00/component 

Placental Emollient-Ons:

  • ​Placental Nourishing Oil| $25.00

  • Placental Jelly| $50.00

  • Oil Blends|+ $10.00/component

Placental Print Keepsake Add-Ons:

  • Natural Print|$20.00

  • Food Grade Coloring Print | $30.00

  • Placental Photography| $30.00 (5 edited digital photographs with photography release

  • Framed Placental Print/Photograpahy| + $10.00


Umbilical Cord Keepsake Add-Ons:

  • Natural Cord Shape| Complimentary 

  • Heart Cord Shape| $10.00

  • Circle Cord Shape| $10.00


Herbal Concoction Add-Ons:

  • The Domina Collection-Queen V Steam Herbal Blend Kit|  $50.00

  • The Domina Collection-Queen V Steam Herbal Blend $35.00

  • The Domina Collection-Post Partum Rejuvenating Herbal Bath Blend|$ 35.00


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