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Agape Policy & Procedures

Return Policy


Agape Natural Personal Care Concoctions & Wellness Remedies prides its self on high quality luxury goods(products) and acts(services). We always want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their purchase and experience when using Agape Goods and receiving Agape Acts.

Due to the nature of our products we can not assure the quality and safety of our goods once they have been in the possession of the purchaser therefore we do not accept returns for any of our Agape goods that have been opened/unopened or used/not used. For the safety of our Agape Embracers, our products can NOT be restocked or resold.

We understand that it can be challenging to purchase skin care products online. For that reason, we have implementations within our policy and procedures that aid in the limitation of return challenges:

1) We offer an Agape Goods- Sample Subscription

 This subscription provides clients with 1 ounce sized containers of one to three Agape Goods on weekly to monthly basis. For as long as they see fit. This allows the purchaser to determine whether the product is the right fit for their skin and will accomplish the goals they have set.


2) We do our best to make sure that all details for our clients’ orders are accurate and confirmed before the order is made. Once orders have been confirmed, handmade, packaged and before they are ship we have completed multiple client contact verifications, order verifications, and quality verifications to ensure that there will be limited to no return challenges for our clients; prior to our goods leaving our doors.

Although we have put many implementations in place to hinder return challenges, we understand that some clients may still not be satisfied with their purchase depending on the circumstance. In the circumstances below we may provide replacement products and or promotional discounts:


1) The quality of the good has been compromised/damaged during shipment- via the product or packaging, eligibility of a replacement product may be sound.


2) The good has been misplaced or lost in transit and has not arrived to the client’s shipping address after a week time period from the estimated arrival date provided by the shipping company- United States Postal Service (USPS). Although this case would likely not happen, in the instance that it does, we have put this measure in place; 3) the client received an incorrect product or product size- Agape may send a replacement product or the remainder size product ordered. Any case outside of the ones provided are not eligible for refund, replacement or discount promotion:


1) Allergic reaction- We offer the Agape Good Sample Subscription, encourage skin patch test, and fully list detailed ingredients lists and their function on the product, our website, and in the book of Agape, and through our order confirmation where you confirm your purchase and that you are not allergic to any ingredients. Agape Natural Personal Care Concoctions & Wellness Remedies is not at fault for an allergic reaction to the goods due to the reasons stated above.


2) The client is simply just unsatisfied with your purchase- Although very unlikely as we aim to please and pride ourselves on high quality goods, this is why we offer the Agape Goods Sample Subscription and encourage you to stay on the subscription until you are sure the product is meeting your wellness needs.


3) The client ordered the wrong item and realized after the ordered had been processed- we give 24 hour cancellation before the product is made and will call, text, or email to confirm your order after the 24 hours to ensure that no mistakes have been made or will be made by the client or Agape.


4) An Agape Good or service was ordered using your card or bank information without your authorization- we can give you all the information we have about the order via purchase order documentation and confirm the charges, however we can’t resolve the financial challenge it would have to be investigated through your financial institution/bank and reversed through their procedures.


5) Any and all other cases would have to be brought to the attention of Agape Natural Personal Care Concoctions & Wellness Remedies and handled at the discretion of Agape Owner, Faith McLean-Hackney. Ultimately, we want our clients to be satisfied at the utmost and we work with much Faith and effort in God’s will for Agape. We strive for our God Ordained Impeccability.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will work through the challenges together to ensure our clients’ are satisfied as they embrace Agape.

Client Protocol for Return/Replacement Transactions:

  1. Identify the challenge with the Agape Good, please note day and time of challenge.

  2. Take pictures immediately for cases such as: quality compromise/damage, incorrect product ordered or sent, and allergic reaction. Please ensure that camera is clean before taking a picture so that a clear image can be translated and sent as your claim picture. Any picture that is not clear enough to see the detail of your concerns will not be accepted as a claim picture, therefore another picture will need to be taken or claim could be dismissed.

  3. Email with subject heading: Agape Return/Replacement Inquiry.

  4. Attach client’s first and last name, client ID number, order number, claim pictures of product that is requesting replacement, and a statement as to the challenges you have experienced.

  5. Agape Owner, Faith Diane will contact you within 24-48 hours after request has been sent. A decision will be given as to whether your request has been approved eligible for replacement.

  6. Eligibility approval and shipping return instructions will be sent via email and will need to be printed for shipping purposes and records.


Client Protocol for Shipping Returned Agape Goods:

*Agape is not responsible for the shipping process and expenses during a return/replacement transaction.


  1. Print eligibility approval to be placed on top of product in the shipping package.

  2. Inquire about the least expensive shipping method with the United States Postal Service, via in-person, call, or complete shipping process entirely online at We encourage that you ensure there is tracking included when shipping your return.

  3. Ship

  4. Once good is received you will receive a text, call, email, confirming that the product has been returned.

  5. After 24- 48 hours you will receive a call, text, or email that your product is being concocted.

  6. Upon completion of the good you will receive a text, call, or email that they good is completed.

  7. Once good is shipped, you will receive an email saying that good has shipped and estimated arrival date.

  8. On the estimated day of arrival you will receive a text, call, or email to confirm that the package was received and feedback.

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