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The GIFT we were given,

The PURPOSE we will fulfill...



Through my spiritual journey, God taught me through the ordained blessings and challenges of my life that you should always ACT OUT OF LOVE, AGAPE LOVE regardless if the reciprocator of the love bares ties to you or not. Nothing less is accepted and nothing more is expected because it is the highest form of love on Earth and in Heaven.


There are four main identifiable types of love:  Eros- romantic love. Love for a husband or wife; Storge- familiar love or love for a family member; Philia Love- friendship love; and lastly but the greatest of them all, Agape Love- God’s love for mankind and mankind’s love for God. It is the highest form of love, an unconditional love that stands regardless of the change in circumstances and the magnitude they possess. Selfless love. We also focus on Philautia Love- Self Love, but above all is Agape. 


Eros. Storage. Philia. Philautia. AGAPE

If all we have is Love, then we have everything.


In my 25 passings of the sun, I have seen many people who lack love for themselves. They may love themselves for the person they are in terms of character but have little to no love for their reflection. They feel as if they have to add and alter themselves in order to be beautiful or feel validated by others’ acceptance and approval of them. I am a strong believer that everyone is beautiful in their own way, inside and out.


Combining my life experiences with my spiritual awakenings, God gave me a word that He has hand crafted each of us and our lives to individualized perfection. Never try to cover the markings of your own canvas because He destined each stroke to you; physically, mentally, spiritually, and naturally. Imagine, instead of synthetically covering your canvas with whatsoever unclean that will bring harm to you or depict something you are not; take from the resources that God has bestowed upon the world to enhance your beauty naturally and mature you with divine aid. So as you look at the canvas of your reflection and it is divinely gleaming with beauty, you still and always see the signature of the original artist, signed God. 

Developing versus correcting is the fine line that confirms your understanding in the value and power God possess in His workmanship of man. It gives you the opportunity to seek God using His creations for your enhancements and not slander His work. Using God to better you and not man. Remembering that God was acting out of love when He made you.

Every step that we take to develop a product is guided by the will of God from beginning to end. When our formulations are simply just a precept, up until you receive the Box of Agape; He gives us divine guidance. Our gift is the ability  to "Act out of Love". Our purpose is to heal and heighten the whole temple, internally and externally. Enhancing the beauty of man with His natural resources, the external challenges; and to ensure that the mental and spiritual bondage from the lack of self-love placed over your spirit cease and halt, the internal challenges. We are Kingdom-Ordained, put in place to do the works of the Lord and extend his domain in the temples and spirits of His children. Spreading the light of The Kingdom on the world; instilling The Knowledge that you are God-Made, with God-Given Beauty that comes natural to you. We are the by product of His image and an extension of the Earth, ordained by His workmanship, how could we think that we were anything less than beautiful? 

Turn on the  volume, press play, sit back, and enjoy the
journey of our purpose.

*We do NOT own any rights to this track.*

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